A few days ago I was awarded by Miss K. (from Wild young hearts), with the "Stylish blog award" I was so happy, she really made my day!
This award it's like a "blog chain" so I have to give it to some others, and tell you 7 things about me, and I'm trying to say something funny or something that you just don't know

1. My favourite drink is "Nestea Mango&Piña"
2. I'm now listening "The Lalala" (Spanish Eurovision song) hahaha
 3. Satisfaction, from The Rolling Stones, makes me feel full of energie
 4. I'm now in my bed
5. My favourite belt is from my mum
6. And my favourite vest, from my dad
7. Dreaming with my own collection

Finally the blogs:
1. Fashionn lights
2. Christina & CO.
3.Croissant mode
4.I dream in style
5. In the rouge
6. Lipsticks & ties
7. MisplacedSequins
8. Wonder Fashionista
9. Moda de la mode
10. The Lovely San
11. Strike a pose
12. Nostalgic Toggery
13. Peace love & lace
14. My Berlin fashion
15. Quelidesign

11 comentarios:

  1. dear!!! thank you so much ... too nice ! :-*

  2. Thanks so much doll!!


  3. Such a nice blog! It starts to see Frida in the header :D she's from Sweden (me to and I have met her) ;P
    Your music and style (looked at you lookbooks)! Your amazing!

    Hugs, Sheila
    from Sweden

  4. César, mil mil gracias!
    Contestaré pronto las siete preguntas y abriré una nueva pestaña para el premio
    De verdad, gracias mil.


  5. thank you so much César!!! this made my afternoon you are too kind.



  6. Muchas gracias César!! Ya veo que he entrado en la lista por los pelos! jejeje Me alegro que te haya gustado mi blog! Espero poder responderte en breve de la misma manera. Un beso y gracias de nuevo.

  7. Thank you so much César!! It is so kind of you and I am so glad you like my blog. Congratulations on being awarded the prize too. Keep up the fantastic work, your blog is really inspiring...


  8. Thanks guys for replying! ;)
    Hope to get in touch more often

  9. Thank you so much! Does this mean we all get to do it as well>

  10. Muchas gracias por el premio! Nos hacen mucha ilusión esta cosas!

    Un beso croissantero!